Before I started designing a “Jack the ripper” Giant, I was designing him as a Victorian steam punk giant robot. Here are some drawings before I moved to the human version. I was already playing with some Victorian costumes and ideas, right before I dropped the robot version.

Like I said before, I originally wanted the giant to look like Nemo’s submarine with some ornaments and detailed etchings. His shape is pretty much a triangle torso with some inverted triangular arms. I've also tried the one eye camera cliché.

Here are some exploration drawings and a silhouette thumbnail sheet. I was trying some different shapes and possibilities. My Very first idea was to have a Locomotive head for the Giant. I always thought that Locomotives looked evil. Their front part looks like a mean triangular smile. I also tried to have some balloons lifting his heavy and long metal limps, but it just made him look fragile.

Here’s the final thumbnails and doodles that made me decide to change his design to a human “Jack the Ripper” type of character. I did them while watching Coppola’s version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

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