I’m gonna try to post some of my childhood memories. Here is a drawing of my middle brother and I. He’s a year and a half older then me, blond with blue eyes and big teeth. I’m the one with dark hair, brown eyes and a beauty mark (yes, I had it since I was a kid). My brother was always quiet and well behaved, while I was the hyper and mischievous one.
Yesterday I did some thumbnails. I hope it reads well on your screen.

Quite often I would bother him (that was one of my favorite childhood pastimes) and as usual I would get beat up.

One day I decide to get revenge. Since I couldn’t fight back because he was bigger then me I had to come up with some clever plan. So I got the green Jell-O that my Mom made that afternoon and poured some green liquid soap on it.

Next I walked by my brother pretending that I was eating Jell-O. Yummy!

He ran to the kitchen to eat some of it. My plan was successful!

I jumped out of the hallway and started laughing. Telling him that I poured soap on his Jell-O.

According to my plan I would probably get beat up or locked in the bathroom, but then the unexpected happened. My brother started to panic and cry.

My Mom came by and learned about my evil plan. She got really mad and to teach me a lesson, she told me to never do pour stuff on people‘s food because they could die.

She was also freaking out and brought my brother to the doctor. I REALLY thought my brother was going to die, so I started crying and telling him “Don’t die, I love you”.

Nothing really happened to my brother and till this day he makes fun of me for saying that.

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