Here’s the closest drawing to the final version. I’m not trying to make a model sheet, but at least I kept some ideas in all drawings. Jack is going to wear a drivers cap, a large backpack with mechanical tools, gloves, suspenders that hold both his pants and backpack, a beat up extra large pant, a sleeveless sweater (don’t know the name of those, cardigan???), a white shirt and tie. Like I mention before, he’s barefoot.

I’m still playing with his colors, but I want them to be mostly browns, tans, warm grays and oranges. Jack is all warm colors, while the Giant will be cooler (can’t get more cliché then that). He got a pastel blue shirt because I like that color against brown (chocolate mint) a dirty yellow ochre sweater and a red tie.

Here are some previous sketches that I did. You can see that was playing with his proportions and details. I later noticed that the eye lines in the drawing on the farthest left side it’s not working. On that drawing his eye line feel like a ball behind his face, plus it blends with some lines from the hat.

Here are 2 quick drawings of Jack running from the Giant. I thought it would be nice if Steamy were always puffing steam, which would give away their location.

Here are 2 Steamy doodles that I forgot to post.


  1. Hey these are great! Jack is a real fun character!

  2. @ dimitri:

    The sleeveless sweater's called a sweater vest.
    Not a sweater, but not a vest.