Here are some final sketches of the Giant. He’s a Victorian gentleman who likes to study and collect art. Even though he looks proper, he’s driven by madness. The Giant wears a Top hat, Victorian white shirt with pointy collars, a properly knotted tie, a double breasted burgundy velvet vest, a dark purple cape, gray suite and oxford shoes. His favorite tool for ripping people’s guts is a rusty hook (normally used to carry meat).

Below are some old Jack drawings that I forgot to post earlier. The fist on the left I was trying some markers and color pencils. Markers are soooo hard to use. I know it look s like he’s holding a flute, but it’s actually a pipe. Jack’s hobby is to build steam engines and toys, as you can see on the right drawing.


  1. He has meat hooks!!
    His long long legs remind me of Hanna Barbera designs from like, Wacky Races. You should design an elegant car for him to drive, like a limo made of meat or something. :)

  2. Your comment shall become a drawing!

  3. As long as you're taking requests... I want you to be the illustrator of a book I wrote after I saw your art. My contact info is linked to my account.