I did this drawing almost a year ago. I did some thumbnails of a vampire hipster kid (see the pics below). I swear to God that I never heard of Twilight and those teen vampire films back then! That was an idea that I had about night creatures going to a bar. Something like the movie Swingers, but with night creatures and classic horror monsters set in the Los Feliz.
I used a tweed texture on the pea coat and some jeans template to experiment with textures. I tried giving him some unpleasant color mix. Mostly grays and muddy greens.

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  1. Great ! Great ! He looks so sofisticated ! It´s interesting for me to look at the drawing appearging just after the phrase *Mostly gray and muddy greens*. When I was a young girl, I used to draw frequently figures with this exactly same physical posture !!
    Kisses from your Mother