Here are my 2 very first gouache paintings. Other then the color wheel done during freshmen year at Calarts, this is my second attempt to use the medium. It was really hard, but a very fulfilling experience. It was nice getting some texture out of dry brushes and to see it all coming together. You can easily spot some accidents here and there, but that what makes it so much fun. I’m like a proud mother of my ugly duckling.

I was always avoiding dealing with colors and painting. I had many false starts and frustrating experiences for not being too patient. I did some watercolors sketches back in school, but they were all muted, muddy and ugly. I did my Junior and senior films in color, and watching my colors get ultra saturated and bleeding (because of the monitor different color gamut) was the last straw.

Not until recently I got re-interested in color. Read some books, did some Photoshop color passes and decided that I should try painting. The paintings are really small, as you can see it in the second photo. I did Jack first and then the Giant. The first painting I didn’t really get to separate Jack from the BG, but I learned my lesson and did a bright BG for the Giant. When I was almost done with the Giant, a tiny water drop from my brush landed on his right arm. I was so pissed! Anyways… painting is awesome.

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  1. Adorei as ilustracoes Dimitri!!!!Atimoas escolhas de cores e designs. Legal ver voce postando com frequencia.