My first designs of the Giant were a steam giant robot, with very intricate design and little details, much like Nemo’s submarine. I gave up the idea while reading about Jack the ripper in an article. I like the idea that he’s very educated, serious and proper, in contrast with little Jack. He looks like a noble gentleman, but with this mad serial killer look in his eyes. I was looking at some old newspaper illustrations and some Ronal Searle drawings. They always did this long pointy nose at the top of the head and I always thought it look creepy, in a good way (Searle’s drawings are AMAZING).

So here are some thumbnails, 3 silhouette drawings and a few ideas that I like.
I though it would be cool if he had two hooks in his hands to catch his victims. Like those used to carry meat.

I made a few sketches giving him this crazy smiley face, but he just looked too goofy. Also I want to stay away from the bowler hat guy. I love the bowler hat guy, but I want my character to be creepily serious.

Here are some sketches closer to the final version. I made him more serious and always posing as a calm, noble man. I focused more on his expression. I gave him a serious face and creepy eyes. He’s wearing a grey suit with a double-breasted vest and those high shirt collars where you can see the tie wrapping around his neck. They used to wear those cool jackets that came all the way down in the back, but it wasn’t looking good with the cape.
Gloves! Is a must have for any killer.

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