I forgot to say that we’re supposed to redesign only 3 characters from the tale. The main character (Jack), the villain (Giant) and a sidekick. I thought about all the other characters and their importance in the story. We have the Mom, the cow, the guy who sells the beans, the fairy, the Giant’s wife, the magical harp and the golden egg goose.
I thought it would be nice to have the sidekick as a prisoner in the Giant’s castle, so that Jack have a reason to help him out of the castle. Since it’s a steam punk setting, I’m going to design the castle as a flying steam machine. But what would generate the steam to keep this massive castle flying? The sidekick!
My sidekick is going to be this steam robot life form called “steamy”. He’s the heart of the castle and a prisoner as well. Jack will befriend him and help him out of the castle, which will anger the Giant as his castle is falling apart.
Steamy could be considered as both the Magical harp and the golden egg goose. It’s the Giant most precious belonging and he’s not going to give it up so easily. Steamy’ situation also helps us sympathize more with Jack and dislike the Giant.
I hope it doesn’t look that much like the fire from “Howl’s moving caslte” :)
Here are some early design explorations.

Since Jack is more boxy and the Giant more triangular, steamy should be basically a circle. He’s like a metal sphere holding his steam energy. His limps are pipes and valves.

The instructor told me to explore some other forms that steamy could move around. Since it’s a robot, it doesn’t need to have legs. So here I’m trying some other pipe limbs and ways that it could move around.

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