I’m taking this visual development class where each student has to chose and redo a fairy tale in a different style. We had to chose one out of 3 stories… Dracula (I know it’s not a fairy tale), Little Red Ridding Hood and Jack and the beanstalk. I chose Jack and the beanstalk to be done in steampunk style.
I went on to read the story to learn more about the characters. According to the original story, Jack is actually a spoiled kid. Supposedly his recently widowed Mom spent all her money because she indulged him too much. His Mom also calls him indolent, careless, and extravagant. Is not that Jack is bad, he just doesn’t know better. After all, he’s just a kid.
So here are some doodles that I’ve done. Just drawing a kid being a kid.

Since Jack is poor, but spoiled, I imagined him collecting all this used clothes and fancy second hand stuff to try to look extravagant, but in a poor way. As a kid I always like to play and run bare feet and since he’s poor, I’m going to take away his shoes.
Kids are not old enough to know what's good fashion (even some adults still don’t know) and as kid I recall wearing a bunch of weird looking stuff that was cool to me, but wasn’t really a good combination. Since his clothes are second hand, it should not fit him properly.

Here are some more drawing exploring his costume and props. I tried giving him some “formal” Victorian era clothing and some objects that a kid might want to use to look like an adult. His clothes should be baggy and worn. I see him wearing a hat and a cane to look elegant, but at the end he just looks like a silly kid. Please don't pay attention to the dog, I hate that drawing :)

In the original story Jack is actually a dirty little thief. He just gets into the Giant’s castle by accident and steals all his stuff. Later they changed the story where a fairy tells Jack that the Giant killed his father, which serves as an excuse to get the Giant killed. Poor Giant... all he wanted was to live in his floating castle.


  1. What happened to Dimitri Frazao's Happy Land? I'm gonna miss those messed up drawings.

  2. I still have that blog, just click on my profile and you'll see the link.