This past summer I took a storyboard class and this was one of the assignments. As I recall, the assignment was to storyboard a personal bad experience. One of my favorite bad experiences (that I think it’s funny and gross) was when I ate a bow of cereal while watching TV. Since I was staring at the TV I didn’t notice my cereal was infested with tiny maggots. I only realized it when I was almost done with the bowl.

It reads from left to right on each page.

I did this test on a small cintiq, which is really hard to get a nice line. The cintiq is awesome and very productive, but I can’t get a nice straight line on it. They all look like scribbles to me. If I had time I wish I could retouch the tone… it all looks very muddy, but deadlines are more important to meet.

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  1. I especially like the pose where you are putting the spoon up to your mouth, but staring straight ahead.

    I'm glad you are posting this stuff.