I did this test for my storyboard class. I had to board the opening of a Batman episode from the script. We had to print out a board layout that was very small and square. Really hard to draw in it. Some of the drawing are REALLY loose, but as long as it reads I guess it's okay.

I had to draw the characters from a model sheet. The guy that is running was suppose to be some superhero from the TV show. Doesn't look that much like the model sheet, hehe.

the drawing of the guy (after he gets hit by the Joker spray) is really weird. I kept the drawing anyways because I thought it was funny :)


Here's an assignment that I did almost a year ago for a storyboard class. It was suppose to be an earlier assignment about two characters interacting with something that falls from the sky, which I ended up doing another one (that's the two drunk guys post). So I did that one as my final assignment.


Wow… I haven’t post in a while. I was too busy with midterms, spring break and my animatic. Here are a few doodles that I’ve collected from my sketchbook. My film’s main character is an uptight, old school, British guy on his late 50s. Wearing a gray suite with elbow patches, cardigan and brown oxford shoes. Bold, wearing thick glasses, pink white face with white mustaches. The typical British gentlemen stereotype that is all about being proper, elegant and well educated... indeed.


WOW…talking about coincidence, last night I went to a bar with my friends and I thought I knew one of the waitresses from somewhere. Turns out I did a drawing of her on my sketchbook about 6 month ago. Her name is Beth, but we call her Pat because that’s just cooler. I told her I did post the drawing, but I actually didn’t… so here’s the masterpiece in case she ends up looking at my blog.

I probably sound like a creepy guy that stalks and draws waitresses :)


Here are some sketches that I did since I moved to San Francisco.
Most of them were done at Cup-a-Joe, a coffee place near by my apartment.

From left to right: A typical AAU student being cool and hip. A dude wearing a gigantic tie that spoiled his nice suit. It looked like a billboard. A homeless guy asking for money… he’s color scheme , as I recall, was really sad and depressing.

Below are some interesting characters that I saw while drinking coffee at Cup-a-Joe.

While waiting for a bus I saw this old lady feeding a bunch of pigeons. I don’t know why, but I felt sad for her. I wonder if she even has a family.

I went to an Italian restaurant with a friend of mine, and this old man was seating by himself on a table behind us. He had this strange expression as if he couldn’t recall his memories. I just had a feeling that he wasn’t going to last long. Sad…


Here’s the last composition from my Vizdev class. It’s a shot from Jack climbing the pipe beanstalk. You can see the first thumbnail that started it all. I first had Jack staring at the bottom, but the teacher gave me a great advice to have him facing up. That helps the flow of the composition and makes the viewer wonder what’s up there.

I wish I had more time to tweak the drawing and the colors. That was the last piece and I was in a hurry to get it done on time. Oh well…


Here are some story ideas that I did for an assignment while at Disney. These are not from real production. They are just an assignment that my mentors gave to me based on the show. Not the greatest drawing, but I had fun doing it (specially the reindeer).


Here's the second composition from my vizdev class. You can see the thumbnail that originated the idea, the tone thumbnail, the color thumbnail and the final composition. I had this idea about Jack being chased by the Giant at a staircase. While Jack is trying to climb up the huge steps, the Giant is climbing up the floors with his long limbs, like a spider.

Jack is in the foreground with dark tones and thicker lines. The Giant is in the middle ground with normal colors. The background is more diluted and warmer to give a better sense of depth.

Here's the sketch that originated the idea.


Here are some story idea sketches that I did while at Disney. These are not production work. They are just some assignments that my Mentor, who was working at the movie, asked me to do.
Those were about a love sequence on a boat or something.


Here’s the color version of the room. I’ve painted entirely with the Dry Brush 36.
I did make some minor changes in the line work. It’s not the final version yet, just a rough pass.


I did some research for Victorian furniture, toy and other stuff for Jack’s room. Most steampunk settings are based on the Victorian age, right? Most toys from that time are made of wood and metal. Not a good era for toys, I guess. I imagined Jack as a steam engineer prodigy, so I thought he would have a stove, wood, pipes and steam in his room.

Here’s a bunch of thumbnails that I did to play around with many different shapes in the composition. The top row is the wall shapes. The second row is the light source shape. The third row is the minor shapes form objects. The final row is the flow of the wall stripes.


Here is the progress from thumbnail to final cleaned up drawing of Jack’s room.
While doing a bunch of thumbnails, as part of my class, I came up with a drawing of a small room where poor Jack would live in. Later I did some research of furniture, toys and other stuff that Jack would have in his room. Objects that a poor kid in a steam punk world would have.

Here’s the first thumbnail. Literally a thumbnail.

Then I redid the thumbnail a little bit bigger and with some blue pencil for tone.

As you’ve seen on the earlier post, the tone thumbnail.

The colored version.

Here’s a rough pass of the final room. Very symmetrical and uninteresting.

I did some tweaking until I got to this rough version.

Here’s the final cleaned up version.

Soon I’ll post the research drawing and the colored version of the room.
Happy 2010!


Here are the color versions of the thumbnails. All I did was to colorize them and retouch some parts. Some of the contrast from the tone version ended up changing once I added color. I tried keeping it as close as possible to the tone version. Is there such a job to work doing thumbnails like that? I would love to work like that :)