I did some research for Victorian furniture, toy and other stuff for Jack’s room. Most steampunk settings are based on the Victorian age, right? Most toys from that time are made of wood and metal. Not a good era for toys, I guess. I imagined Jack as a steam engineer prodigy, so I thought he would have a stove, wood, pipes and steam in his room.

Here’s a bunch of thumbnails that I did to play around with many different shapes in the composition. The top row is the wall shapes. The second row is the light source shape. The third row is the minor shapes form objects. The final row is the flow of the wall stripes.


Here is the progress from thumbnail to final cleaned up drawing of Jack’s room.
While doing a bunch of thumbnails, as part of my class, I came up with a drawing of a small room where poor Jack would live in. Later I did some research of furniture, toys and other stuff that Jack would have in his room. Objects that a poor kid in a steam punk world would have.

Here’s the first thumbnail. Literally a thumbnail.

Then I redid the thumbnail a little bit bigger and with some blue pencil for tone.

As you’ve seen on the earlier post, the tone thumbnail.

The colored version.

Here’s a rough pass of the final room. Very symmetrical and uninteresting.

I did some tweaking until I got to this rough version.

Here’s the final cleaned up version.

Soon I’ll post the research drawing and the colored version of the room.
Happy 2010!


Here are the color versions of the thumbnails. All I did was to colorize them and retouch some parts. Some of the contrast from the tone version ended up changing once I added color. I tried keeping it as close as possible to the tone version. Is there such a job to work doing thumbnails like that? I would love to work like that :)