WOW…talking about coincidence, last night I went to a bar with my friends and I thought I knew one of the waitresses from somewhere. Turns out I did a drawing of her on my sketchbook about 6 month ago. Her name is Beth, but we call her Pat because that’s just cooler. I told her I did post the drawing, but I actually didn’t… so here’s the masterpiece in case she ends up looking at my blog.

I probably sound like a creepy guy that stalks and draws waitresses :)


Here are some sketches that I did since I moved to San Francisco.
Most of them were done at Cup-a-Joe, a coffee place near by my apartment.

From left to right: A typical AAU student being cool and hip. A dude wearing a gigantic tie that spoiled his nice suit. It looked like a billboard. A homeless guy asking for money… he’s color scheme , as I recall, was really sad and depressing.

Below are some interesting characters that I saw while drinking coffee at Cup-a-Joe.

While waiting for a bus I saw this old lady feeding a bunch of pigeons. I don’t know why, but I felt sad for her. I wonder if she even has a family.

I went to an Italian restaurant with a friend of mine, and this old man was seating by himself on a table behind us. He had this strange expression as if he couldn’t recall his memories. I just had a feeling that he wasn’t going to last long. Sad…


Here’s the last composition from my Vizdev class. It’s a shot from Jack climbing the pipe beanstalk. You can see the first thumbnail that started it all. I first had Jack staring at the bottom, but the teacher gave me a great advice to have him facing up. That helps the flow of the composition and makes the viewer wonder what’s up there.

I wish I had more time to tweak the drawing and the colors. That was the last piece and I was in a hurry to get it done on time. Oh well…