Here are some sketches that I did since I moved to San Francisco.
Most of them were done at Cup-a-Joe, a coffee place near by my apartment.

From left to right: A typical AAU student being cool and hip. A dude wearing a gigantic tie that spoiled his nice suit. It looked like a billboard. A homeless guy asking for money… he’s color scheme , as I recall, was really sad and depressing.

Below are some interesting characters that I saw while drinking coffee at Cup-a-Joe.

While waiting for a bus I saw this old lady feeding a bunch of pigeons. I don’t know why, but I felt sad for her. I wonder if she even has a family.

I went to an Italian restaurant with a friend of mine, and this old man was seating by himself on a table behind us. He had this strange expression as if he couldn’t recall his memories. I just had a feeling that he wasn’t going to last long. Sad…


  1. Aww, now *I'm* all sad from thinking about those sad people.

    As always I like your drawings. Someday I'll get around to posting drawings again too...

    ...or will I?

  2. Hey woman! Don't disappear again!

    How am I going to write you back now that you don't have a facebook and blog posts. Do you have an e-mail?

    Hope you guys are doing well in LALA land.

  3. dimitri, you make san francisco sound like a place where people go to die!
    but not before you do nice drawings of them, so in a way they get to live forever?