I did this test for my storyboard class. I had to board the opening of a Batman episode from the script. We had to print out a board layout that was very small and square. Really hard to draw in it. Some of the drawing are REALLY loose, but as long as it reads I guess it's okay.

I had to draw the characters from a model sheet. The guy that is running was suppose to be some superhero from the TV show. Doesn't look that much like the model sheet, hehe.

the drawing of the guy (after he gets hit by the Joker spray) is really weird. I kept the drawing anyways because I thought it was funny :)


  1. Hey Dimitri!!!
    Não sei se vai lembrar, mas eu sou aquela garota que desenhou uma animação com o Wallby há muitos anos atrás! Bom ver o seu trabalho dando frutos!!! :DD

  2. Nice storyboards, I like the angles and compositions.

  3. hey man

    saw your 24 hour toon thing and i loved it.

    your works really amazing, your very talented!

  4. loving the compositions! neat lil story too.

  5. good work, i impressed!!

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